Wednesday, April 14, 2010

NOT Edible, but still cute!

I wanted to share this anyhow...I just thought it turned out great!

My BFF and I experimented with baby tutus last year for her twins' 6 month pictures. Without TOO much effort or time, they really turned out. We even made flower headbands to complete the look.

Well, fast-forward to April, 2010. Another good friend's baby was turning one and she asked if I'd roll up my sleeves and attempt the tutu project again. I think it came out even BETTER than the twins' garb (no offense, L&L).

I found a Juicy Couture Open Weave hat and added the bedazzled flower (on a pin w/a hair clip, so the flower can be removed and even worn without the hat!). I went online and purchased the tulle for next to nothing and put it together in under an hour. I'm not gonna lie, it took a little bit to figure everything out, but the labor wasn't bad at all! And since a baby probably doesn't care much for a tutu, I made a mini tutu on a white bunny to match!

Well, it was so fun to make, I anticipate making everyone tutus for their birthday. I asked my BF if he'd prefer White Sox or Bear's

It's a Dino, not a Dragon (or Turtle, or Snail...)

So my little cousin Sawyer loves dinosaurs. When he asked me to make his 3rd Birthday cake, he said he wanted a dino. OF COURSE I'll make him a dino, how hard could it possibly be?!

Not that hard...just very time consuming. I'd probably do things a little different next time (hah!) but overall, I think it went well.

My favorite are the trees--those twirled cookie sticks w/sour gummy "leaves" really helped complete the ever-expanding landscape of this monster cake. I sprinkled crushed graham crackers and Oreos around to define the sandy/dirty/grassy environment that a dino was sure to thrive in... Right? I probably could have done more research for a more accurate representation, but I figured I could do that if Sawyer's still asking for a dino cake when he's 15 and already learned about the Jurassic period in school. ;-)

I honestly wanted to make a small cake. We celebrated his birthday along with Easter, so I knew there was going to be too much bad!

Oh, and the "spikes?" They're made out of pink grapefruit candies Jeff helped me find at World Market. What a life saver!!