Sunday, March 13, 2011

Elmo and Cookie Monster!

I know, I know, it's been awhile. I got a job, so I've been a tad busy! But, not too busy to make a cake for my favorite little twinsies, Lorelai and Leighton's second birthday! They are loving Sesame Street these days (what toddler isn't? Barney's got nothin' on Elmo's World!) so of course their creative mama wanted an Elmo themed cake. Or rather, "Melmo" as the little ones call him. Since there's TWO girls, we all decided that Cookie Monster would be a great addition as well!
I made Elmo first...out of cereal treats and buttercream frosting...I couldn't believe how well he turned out! It got me thinking--this is the first time I've made an actual character. In that moment, I FREAKED out, worried that the girls wouldn't recognize him and cry at the big red blob on their cake! At least Elmo is a puppet and not too difficult...they definitely figured out who he was.
So the cake really came together. She wanted white frosting, as their party outfits were too cute to mess up with funky-colored frosting. So I made all the decorations and writing out of chocolate, so it was hardened before I placed it all on the cake. I thought it had just enough pizzazz. Here's the end result!