Monday, August 10, 2009

What's a 70's Party without a Disco Ball?!

So, I was asked to make mini cupcakes for a 70's party. Needless to say, I had to google what the heck was popular in the 70's. Here's what I found:

      • Smiley Faces

      • Disco

      • Rubics Cube

      • Pet Rocks

      • Platform Shoes

      • Mood Rings

      • Afros

      Uhh...what looks appetizing out of that list? Pet rock cupcake? I think not! So, I decided to make a plethora of minis: smileys, peace signs and disco. I made purple, avocado green, yellow, orange and pink colors...I figured I could take the colors of the 70's and make it fun.

      Slapping a disco ball in the middle (thank you, Party City) made them more than festive for a house party in the suburbs. What a fun time!

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